Our clinic and our ophthalmologists provide support to us

  • Te hacemos un diagnóstico y evaluamos tu problema en el momento
  • La mejor tecnología y los mejor quirófanos para minimizar riesgos
  • Las mejores aseguradoras médicas para resolver tu problema

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What our customers think

When the alarm clock goes off and I get up, the fact of not having to look for my glasses is like a dream come true. I don’t believe it!


The operation was very quick and I didn’t feel a thing despite being completely awake. A few days later I was at home playing with my children


"An operation of less than 15 minutes and at home an hour later. The post-operative phase was the calmest thing. It is still my best investment seven years afterwards"


Our operating theatres

We have the best technology and we use it in each operation. This is why we want to show you what the eye operation process is like.

First Step

Not all cases are operable, and that is why we do an examination to assure ourselves about the success of your operation. We will advise you and we will offer you solutions.  


  • We give you a check-up.
  • We analyse and we study your case
  • We put the different options to you

Second step

Once the options have been evaluated, there are fundamentally two alternatives:

  • Medical treatment, where the team of professionals will deal with you in a personalised way


  • Surgical treatment, where the IOA staff will make an appointment for you to do the surgery and under no circumstances will the patient have to spend a night in hospital

Third step

On the same day as your operation, the IOA staff will conduct the first post-operative examination of you.

Depending on the result of that examination, they will make an appointment for you again to carry out the follow-up.

The patients will have a telephone number that they will be able to call if they have doubts during the post-operative phase.

¿Quieres darnos tu opinión?

En el IOA queremos mostrar total transparencia con las opiniones de nuestros pacientes, por eso te ofrecemos la posibilidad tanto de leer todas las opiniones como de escribir tu propia experiencia.